Activity Management

Activity Management Inventory for Pain (AMI-P)

As described in the following publication:
The Activity Management Inventory for Pain (AMI-P): Initial development and validation of a questionnaire based on operant learning and energy conservation models of activity management
Racine, M., Jensen, M.P., Cane, D., Moulin, D.E., Vlaeyen, J.W.S., Nielson, W.R.
Clinical Journal of Pain ; 40, 200-211
PMID: 38258309

AMIP_Questionnaire_Administrator Instruction

Activity Pacing Treatment Program

Developed for the following trial:
Operant learning versus energy conservation activity pacing treatments in a sample of patients with fibromyalgia syndrome: A pilot randomized controlled trial.
Racine, M., Jensen, M.P., Harth, M., Morley-Forster, P., MD, & Nielson, W.R. (2019)
The Journal of Pain; 20(4): 420-439.
PMID: 30326271

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Operant Learning

Therapist Manual

Energy Conservation

Therapist Manual